The Best and Worst Holiday Gifts EVER!

From tickets to the Bahamas to an IOU, check out which gifts turned out fabulous and which ones ended with their boyfriends packing!

The Best and Worst Holiday Gifts EVER!

From tickets to the Bahamas to an IOU, check out which gifts turned out fabulous and which ones ended with their boyfriends packing!

-Brittany Roshelle Davis

 unhappy with gifts

The best Christmas gift can make your heart skip a beat. It can even bring a few tears to your eyes  because a special someone really knows you. Like the husband who buys his wife a violin and music lessons to fulfill an old dream, or the brother who gives his sister a photo mug to remind her of a cherished, family memory long ago.

Then there are the horrible gifts you wish you could just refuse to accept. They’re the ones that make you question your relationship with the gift-giver. Gifts like a jar full of mixed nuts to a friend who’s violently allergic to nuts or a “Happily Married?” book from your in-laws who opposed the wedding.

Now that Christmas has come and gone, we hope that you’ll be able to return the horrible gifts and enjoy the ones that made your day. While you’re standing in line waiting to return an unwanted gift or two, here is a list of the best and worst gifts ever received to keep you company…

1. My great aunt, a teacher, would re-gift presents she received from her students. The last thing an 8-year-old wants for Christmas is some serious vintage style stationary. Who am I sending letters to?

However, my husband is a great gift giver. Usually he buys things to put under the tree, but one year when we were dating he knew I wanted clothes and he surprised me with a shopping spree. He took me to any store I wanted, had a spending limit in his head and just let me shop until he thought we met the limit. He was with me while I tried on clothes and shoes. Afterwards, we went to dinner. The whole experience was so fun! -Julie, 28, Emeryville, CA

2. The best gift I have ever gotten was ski trip! The worst gift I have ever got was an IOU from a boyfriend. Not too shocking that he is now an ex-boyfriend! -Becca, 29, Boston

3. The worst gift that I ever received was from an ex-boyfriend. He was extremely frugal about EVERYTHING. I remember for Christmas, he asked me what I wanted, so I told him that I had my heart set on this nice trench coat from J.Crew. I priced it out for him and was so excited about the thought of him getting it for me. To make a long story short, he bought me a lousy cheap looking trench coat that seemed to be from a thrift store! I was so upset at the time that I put him out in the street at 3 AM and made him go home! That was the worst gift ever. Not because it was cheap and lousy but because HE was cheap and lousy. Needless to say, I’m no longer with him.

I would have to say the best gift that I have been given would be my son. Waking up to see my son everyday and having my health has been the best gift ever given me. Cliché but true. ∫ˆ

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4. Best Christmas gift was a cruise to the Bahamas with the whole family. The worst was a tiny magnet of a palm tree! That’s it all my sister got me for the holiday. -Liz, 20, NYC

5. One of the worst holiday gifts I’ve ever received was from my live-in boyfriend during college: a Chia head. You know, the one that looks like a creepy ceramic clown. Seriously. The best gift was a pair of Merrell Tetra boots. I still wear them four years later. -Amanda, 33, Albuquerque.

6. One Christmas I told my boyfriend, Matt, that gift options for my dog would count as gifts for me: Meaning cute dog clothes, toys, bedding, etc., On Christmas morning, I opened my gifts to find a dog food container, a dog brush, carpet cleaner for ‘accidents’ and a pooper-scooper. Not exactly the ‘perfect’ dog gifts I had in mind! –Jacki, 27, Chino, CA

7. The worst gift I ever got was flowers. Anyone who knows me knows I’m allergic to flowers. The best gift I ever received was a French-style flute with open-holed keys and a gold-plated mouthpiece from my dad. The one thing we share in common is our love of music. –Sarah, 23, Colorado

8. The best holiday gift I got was a new TV! The worst holiday gift was a bathing suit that I didn’t like and it was the wrong size. -Kelly, 28, Indianapolis

9. My best gift was a personalized novel from U Star Novels, starring my boyfriend and me. It was a very sexy gift. -Katie, 34, London

10. The worst gifts I’ve received were alarm clock radios. Twice I got them as gifts from two separate significant others. The first was from a high school boyfriend who asked my mother what I needed. Since I would switch off my alarm and oversleep (then blame the alarm clock), she suggested a new one.

The most recent alarm clock radio was a gift from my now-fiancé. It does have a docking station for my Iphone and Ipod, but I already had one that had the same features. He has promised to try harder this year. -Megan, 31, Lehigh Valley, PA

Tell us: What was the best and worst gift you’ve ever received?

Brittany Roshelle Davis is a freelance writer who specializes in all things fabulous. For weekly contests, visit her site

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