The Best of Heidi Klum's Ridiculously Awesome Halloween Costumes

Nobody does Halloween quite like Heidi Klum!
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The Best of Heidi Klum’s Ridiculously Awesome Halloween Costumes

Nobody does Halloween quite like Heidi Klum!

-Lucia Peters

Heidi Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, nobody does it quite like Heidi Klum. Her spectacular, star-studded Halloween parties have become the stuff of legend—and naturally, the supermodel always dresses to the nines while she sees to her party hostess duties. However, because she’s Heidi Klum and she never does anything by halves, “dressing to the nines” in this case means pulling out the most ridiculous, outrageous, and totally awesome costumes she possibly can. How does she do it? Who knows, but it must involve an awful lot of planning! Journey down memory lane with us as we take a look at Heidi’s fabulous getups over the years!

1. Rubber Girl

Rubber Girl

Way back in 2000 at Heidi’s first-ever Halloween party, she donned this black latex S&M outfit. She wears it well—hell, she’s Heidi Klum, she wears just about everything well—but I can’t help but think: How long did it take her to struggle into that thing?!

2. Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva

Leave it to Heidi to figure out a way to do Lady Godiva without stripping totally naked. She’s classy like that. She also took the opportunity to ride into her 2001 bash in grand Lady G fashion—on a horse, of course!

3. Betty Boop

Betty Boop

Okay, so Betty Boop may actually have leaned a bit more towards the curvaceous than Heidi tends to, but this 2002 costume is pretty impressive all the same. Check out her hair—it’s got the same wacky curls that good old Betty’s do. Difficult to achieve if you’re not a cartoon character!

4. Alien


At least, I think she’s an alien. I’m more used to aliens that drip goo and require a firm “GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU BITCH!” to tame, but Hedi’s alien likes to sexy it up. Astonishing detail in general, but the best part is definitely the gold grill. Very 2003.

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5. Red Witch

Red Witch

For 2004, Heidi went with a witchy look, though instead of garbing herself in the traditional black, she went for an eye-popping lipstick red. Oh, and that skeleton on her back? It was attached to a backpack—and weighed nearly 50 pounds. Can you imagine carting that thing around for the entire night? Now that’s dedication!

6. Vampire


This is one vampire who definitely doesn’t get all emo and sparkly in the sunlight! Heidi’s 2005 costume went full-on blood sucker, complete with a cape that morphed into wings. Is it just me, or does her hair look like a creature perched on top of her head and decided to make a nice cozy nest there?

More of Heidi’s amazing costumes, including this year’s disguises (yes, there’s two of them), up next!

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