The Halloween Candy Trap

Don't let Halloween treats trip up your diet!
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The Halloween Candy Trap

Don’t let treats trip up your diet!

-Jane Farrell

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It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween, and suddenly the supermarket has monster-sized bags of candy on sale. “Fun size” versions of your favorite chocolate treats, mini editions of yummy cookies, and let’s not forget the candy corn.

Before you even realize what you’re doing, you’ve scooped up a few bags—for the kids, of course. Then you start dipping into the stash, little by little. By the time trick-or-treat day actually arrives, you’re seeing the bottom of the candy bag, and you’re thinking you might want to buy some elastic-waist jeans.

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It’s a nightmare scenario, but at least you’re not alone. According to the National Confectionery Association, 90 percent of parents acknowledge that they gobble kids’ Halloween candy. If you’d rather be in the remaining 10 percent, it helps to remember exactly what you’re getting into.

“Brace yourself for temptation,” says Dena McDowell, R.D., a nutritional consultant for the weight-management program TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly; That means planning ahead and not getting caught up in impulse candy purchases.

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  1. OH< I always buy candy for trick-or-treaters that I DON"T like! No temptation to eat the little sour candies and fruity things like Skittles!! ICKY! Also, that advice about having tea is a great idea. Drinks do make me feel full. I also like a powdered vitamin C supplement mixed with a lo-calorie individual drink sized flavoring. Makes a large drink which I pour over ice. Very refreshing, cheaper than a coffee drink from down the street and takes a long time to consume.

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