The Lindsay Lohan Media Volcano Erupts

Leaving almost as much debris as the oil spill.

The Lindsay Lohan Media Volcano Erupts

What’s wrong with us that we’re so obsessed with another person’s downfall?

-Sarah Polonsky

Lindsay Lohan

The climactic conclusion of Lindsay Lohan’s very public trail to the clink has arrived– at last. The disgruntled 24-year-old received up to 90 days in jail resulting in her teary-eyed face being strewn across the Web like the plague.

Read Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to Jail Time

For the past six years we’ve watched her as she got arrested, smashed, dehydrated, hospitalized and lesbian-ed. Now in true sadistic form, the world has been taking sweet pleasure in the fact that the tartlet will be locked up behind bars, possibly sharing a cell with a hairy-legged woman named Moe.

Google Trends shows “lohan lindsay” as the fourth most searched for topic today. “Social networking” and “Spain vs Germany” are still trumping the beleaguered Lohan, shockingly.

Why do our depraved minds enjoy this so much? Are our own lives so completely unbearable that we must feast on Lindsay’s already withering soul until there’s nothing left?

Just asking.

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “The Lindsay Lohan Media Volcano Erupts

  1. over the weekend I watched The Parent Trap – where did that sweet talented little girl go? – shame on her parents for letting this happen to her and shame on her for not fighting for herself – I sincerely wish her the best and hope that she gets the help that she needs and then finds the strength to use that help to make her strong – personally, I would put her in rehab and her parents in jail, but that’s just me –

  2. I agree with you shamrock! This is clearly her parents doing. With dina and michael as folks none of us would have stood a chance at any kind of normalcy.

  3. Poor Lindsey…thought she could continually break the rules and get away with it. The toll on her body from these past few years from the party life and probably not eating enough to stay pencil thin…

    I agree with shamrock too…why doesn’t she have enough guts to pull herself out of the hell she has been living in? I also agree that her parents deserve a kick in the ass for letting their lil girl run wild when she was younger..guess they didn’t want their MEAL TICKET to get pissed and cut them out of her life.

    I believe that this will be the best thing that could have happened. Many say it’s harsh…but she needs a HUGE reality check. Now that she will be in the clink and then court ordered rehab, maybe she will get her life back on track.

    She’s a beautiful young lady…and I wish her success…and also the gumption to cowgirl up…

    ’nuff said


  4. Why do any of you feel sorry for her? She may have crappy parents, but she is an adult and makes her own choices. Feeling sorry for her is exactly what she wants people to do, hence the fake tears and plea to the judge full of lies. Her 90-day sentence is nothing, given what she’s done, and she won’t even serve a majority of that. LA sends a great message: Move here! You can break the law and get away with it.

  5. WoW.. some of you are really tough… Lets see what she did…Got drunk…got caught…paid a hefty fine…missed some classes….gets jail time…really? (Hey kid remember Martha Stewart..Do your time with your head up.. come out and make a ton of $$$$.) Girls stop being so jealous and bitchy…it’s not pretty

  6. She won’t even be in there for the full 90 days. Paris did it, Lindsay can too, and it’s not going to destroy her life when she gets out. She’ll be fine, but I think she needs the break and the reality check.

  7. I feel the teensiest bit bad for her, because with those parents, she didn’t stand a chance. She would have been better off alone. However, she definitely deserves the full sentence. None of us would have gotten off as easily as she has for the past few years.

  8. Yes she knows the rules; yes, she deserves to pay the consequences, but empathy is different than sympathy.

    Maybe this is rock bottom for her, so do we really need to grind her face in the dirt? It’s not like she’s hurt anyone other than herself.

    I wish her the best and hope she gets the help she needs.

  9. Hell no I dont feel sorry for her..All you guys saying its her parents fault.Thats BS.She is 24 years old and has been given more opportunities than any of us would be given to straighten p,,i think she deserves more time.Yoou know she wont do but maybe 3 or 4 days like Nicole Ritchie and Paris did.And those were crocidile tears yesterday.Remember she IS an actress and in her day was very good..It was all a show.

  10. Her parents most certainly do hold some blame for this – had they kept a closer eye on her she may not have take the path that she is currently on – and yes she holds the other part of the blame for not fighting for herself – she had so much potential – maybe too much and her parents, I believe, let all that pressure get to her and saw only her fame instead of their little girl – their support and protection might have helped her make much better life decisions – but she is old enough now to know that she needs help – that she does nothing about it – for whatever reason – is on her – as I said earlier – if it was up to me, I would put her in rehab – real rehab, not some high priced spa like she was already in – and then put her parents in jail and mandatory counseling for all of them – sadly, I doubt very much she will serve any real time – I do hope she is able to turn herself around – it is a sin to waste the life that God gives you –

  11. Nobody should feel sorry for linsdey because she did this to her ownself and she didnt get away with it so of course shes going to have to pay the consequenses.Paris did it so can she.She just needs to get over it and when she gets back she will hopefully just let her life be.But what makes me most sad is that i remember her being the cutest kid in “the parent trap” and the nice teenager in “mean girls” with the cute red hair and now its just all gone down!Her hair is blonde, shes partying, and shes doing shes in jail. What a shame huh?

  12. This is unrelated, but here it is — if you would like to block spammers who comment (if you don’t want to see their messages), you can click on their name, then click “add foe” — this way you won’t see their comments/ads. I just did it to a member who keeps advertising the same website. Ugh

  13. Nobody should feel sorry for her, she did this to herself! She thinks since she is a star she can do whatever she wants, whenever she pleases, and doesn’t have to abide by the law or conditions of her probation. Anyone else would have been put in jail long ago. I think she needs to serve more than just 23 days in jail. Oh, and by the way, rehab is not going to help her if she doesn’t want to straighten up, it may even backfire and make her rebel, she could come out even worse off.

  14. I don’t feel sorry for her ’cause of the jail time – it’s indisputable that she deserves it. She thought just ’cause she’s rich and famous she could ignore court orders. She was flagrantly partying at Cannes when she missed the last court date, thinking she could get away with it just ’cause she’s LiLo! It’s a lesson she desperately needed… However, I DO feel VERY sorry for her, ’cause she definitely has major problems, and all the media and everyone else ever does is pick on her, which will only exacerbate her problems. She deserves some sympathy and compassion, instead of ridicule. I’ve been praying for her, ’cause she sure needs it!

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