The Marriage Was a Fraud! Kris Humphries Files for Annulment

Kris Humphries finally gets it: His marriage to Kim Kardashian was a sham. Hello, annulment!

The Marriage Was a Fraud! Kris Humphries Files for Annulment

Kris Humphries finally gets it: His marriage to Kim Kardashian was a sham. Hello, annulment!

-Lucia Peters

Kim K Kris Humphries

Apparently Kris Humphries was the only one who didn’t realize that his marriage to Kim Kardashian was a sham—until now. That’s right: Kris filed for annulment on Wednesday on the grounds of—gasp!— fraud. Oh, and he also wants his prenup with Kim dismissed. AND he wants her to pay for all the legal fees. Geez. Demanding much?

Yesterday, TMZ reported that sources close to Kris said that he feels “he was just slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian’s latest headline and newest business venture.” Furthermore, Kris actually flew in his childhood pastor to marry them; if he knew that the whole thing was just a stunt for the cameras, he never would have done that. So, in response to Kim having filed for divorce at the end of October, he’s now put in the papers for an annulment instead.

For those not well-versed in the ways one can dissolve a marriage, here’s the difference between a divorce and an annulment: A divorce acknowledges both that the marriage happened and that it’s now legally over, while an annulment states that the marriage was never valid in the first place.

Is this starting to sound like “I’m divorcing you!” “You can’t divorce me—I’M making it so that the marriage never even HAPPENED! So THERE!” to anyone else?

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To be fair, I kind of understand where Kris is coming from—there’s nothing that feels quite as awful as being used, and I can only imagine how it must feel to have that going on in the public arena—but at the same time, part of me can’t help but wonder how the heck he could get himself into this without it once occurring to him that it might not be the real deal (clearly, he badly needed a pep talk from Daniel Craig). Granted, Kris Humphries has never really shown himself to have that much of a personality, but this… sort of makes him look as dumb as the proverbial post. Her entire family makes their living by exploiting their personal lives. How can that not look like a gigantic red flag?

Anyway, enough beating this into the ground—the bottom line is that it’s incredibly bizarre and we’ll probably never really understand it. As always, TMZ is your go-to source for the actual legal documents, so if you want to browse through all the legalese, head on over there and check it out. For the curious, the declaration of fraud is on page two.

In other news, according to the Daily Telegraph Kim has been placed on the Australian Immigration Department’s watch list for violating her visa terms not once, not twice, but three different times. That business trip that she made to promote her handbag line right after she announced the divorce? Her visa listed the reason for the visit as tourism. Tsk, tsk, Kim.

Tell us: Is Kris Humphries an idiot, or was he masterfully played by the Kardashian clan?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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8 thoughts on “The Marriage Was a Fraud! Kris Humphries Files for Annulment

  1. He’s an idiot. When 99% of one’s family and/or friends express grave reservations about a whirlwind courtship that results in an even-quicker set of multi-million dollar nuptials, one needs to LISTEN and THINK. He does seem like one taco short of a fiesta dinner, though. How could he propose and buy a $2 million ring and not know that Kim had been married previously?
    Methinks he was thinking with the wrong head…..

  2. A man in love will do anything for his woman. Kim proved unworthy. Go for it, Kris. He’ll be remembered as the guy who revealed the emptiness of that entire family. The Kardashians are like a Hollywood set — all facade no substance.

  3. this in response to the angry woman called’festivelady826’…yes he my be an idiot but, Kim is definatly a MANipulater. She finially got caught flinging B.S. I think not only fraud but also deflamation of character and criminal fraud( as in the media’s reputation).As far as thinking with the ‘wrong’ head is about as stupid as thinking you can ‘change ‘ your hubby with that worn out crotch of yours. I was married one time for 33 years so dont even go there..I can tell that you have never found your true love and you’ll probably have to go fraudulant to get one!
    festive’lady’? methinks you’re an iditot.
    Jimmy+1……yes,yes he will…

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