The Top How-To Searches of 2012

What were people most curious to learn how to do in 2012? From making cake pops to buying Facebook stock, we've got your answers right here!
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The Top How-To Searches of 2012

What were people most curious to learn how to do in 2012? From making cake pops to buying Facebook stock, we’ve got your answers right here!

-Piper Weiss, Yahoo! Shine

2012 How-tos

For curious minds, the internet offers near-instant gratification. And, judging by the most-popular “how-to” searches of 2012, Yahoo! users are definitely a curious bunch. You wondered about everything from building a deck (in March!) to buying Facebook stock (before it went public), and plenty of people were looking for tips on tackling common cooking conundrums. Here are a look at the most-searched how-to questions, and the answers you were looking for.

How to make a diaper cake. This baby shower gift/decoration became trendy after Carrie and Samantha lugged one to Miranda’s baby shower on Sex and the City back in 2002. But apparently they’re still popular, and if you want to make one they don’t require any Martha-Stewart level decorating skills. All you need are disposable diapers (lots of diapers), wide ribbon, a baby bottle, and a handful of tiny baby toys. For each tier of the cake, wrap folded diapers around a baby bottle and secure the entire bundle with ribbon. Place tiers one on top of another, and decorate with baby toys. That’s it.

How to buy Facebook stock. Facebook went public in May, but Yahoo! users started wondering how to buy stock in the social media giant in February. According to Yahoo! Finance, Facebook stock is currently trading at about $26.37 a share. If you’re interested in adding to your portfolio, your best bet is to chat with an expert — there are several to choose from.

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How to build a deck. This how-to request was popular in March, which shows that plenty of people start lining up their Spring projects in advance. Deck-building instructions vary depending on where your house is located and the style in which it was built, but if you’re wondering how to maintain it, these tips may help.

How to boil an egg. Believe it or not, there’s more to it than just boiling water. Whether you’re getting breakfast on the table or prepping for a marathon Easter egg decorating session, Shine’s got your covered: How to Cook the Perfect Hardboiled Egg.

How to cook corn on the cob. You can boil it, cook it in the microwave, or grill it. Then serve it in at least seven other delicious ways.

How to cook swiss charr [sic]. We’re not sure whether people were searching for Swiss Chard (the veggie) or Arctic Char (the fish) but, in either case, our food editor can tell you how to cook it. Check out this recipe for a bright Autumn salad, and this one for a simple Teriyaki Arctic Char Over Rice.

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