Too Sleepy For Sex?

Too tired to get it on?

Too Sleepy For Sex?

Too tired to get it on?

-Libby Keatinge

Too Sleepy For Sex?

Too tired for sex? Are you just too beat from the day to get it on with your man?! Work family, and social commitments can sometimes be overwhelming, and leave little time for doing the nasty, but the necessary. has some great tips for keeping your sex life alive and hot!

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1. Make an appointment: Yes, we know, that doesn’t sound very sexy, but setting aside time to get it on will actually make that happen.

2. Take a solo break before getting together: You need that “me” time before you dash into the bedroom so that you can bring your A-game!

3. Let some things go: You can’t do it all! So what if you can’t text back your friend or take that last minute call! Get in the bedroom and let’s do this!

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