Top 10 Worst Dating Advice Cliches

Or, the single girls' guide to surviving single girls' guides. We like our revisions better!
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Top 10 Worst Dating Advice Cliches

Or, the single girls’ guide to surviving single girls’ guides.We like our revisions better!

-Piper Weiss, Yahoo! Shine

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“Take a salsa class!”

That’s a direct quote from everyone who has ever given advice to a single person.

The technology of dating may have advanced in recent years, but the advice still sounds like tips gleaned from a Jennifer Lopez movie. Maybe it’s the mixed messages or the complete homogenization of the soul mate tracking process but it’s time dating advisers got some advice of their own. Like come up with some new advice that doesn’t assume Richard Gere is just waiting for you to stop working so hard at your career so he can love you with the strong arms of a professional dancer.

Here are some more of the least helpful and most overused dating advice that just won’t die.

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Bad dating advice #1: “Be Open!”

Okay, but can you be a little more specific? How open are we talking here? Obviously if you’re looking to connect with another human being it helps to line your face up with theirs, and listen to the words coming out of their mouth. Now what? Does “open” mean giving your number to a guy who might actually be asking for your ATM pin? Does it mean dating outside your type or does it mean embracing a man who wears a Bluetooth earpiece 24/7 like he’s on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? I’m open I just need a few parameters.

Suggested Revision: Just don’t be mean to people who try to talk to you.

Bad dating advice #2: “Attraction takes time.”

I’m positive this is not something men are ever advised. They’re allowed to just not be into us, isn’t that what that book is all about? In exchange can women have the same dating rights as guys? Not according to the expert matchmakers and the occasional married friend. Have you ever been coaxed into seeing a person you’re just not into twice, three times maybe four months until that person finally catches up to your lack of interest and dumps you first? That rejection is still more appealing than the regret that comes with worrying you were just too picky. And by picky I mean instinctive.

Suggested Revision: If you don’t like their smell, don’t mate with them. Monkeys have this down, why don’t we?

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