Betty on The News: John Edwards, Prince Harry, Justin Timberlake, and more

Top News Stories for June 30, 2009

Betty on the News

Betty on The News: Top Stories

Gov. Mark Sanford confessions to multiple encouters with women, Michael Jackson’s body to be returned to Neverland Ranch, and more

-The Betty Editors

Governor Sanford 1. Things just keep getting better for political wife Jenny Sanford, don’t they? Dishonorable South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was only kidding when he conveyed to the world that he’s a two-woman man – he’s now singing an entirely different tune. This morning Sanford not only told The Associated Press that he met with his Argentine mistress more than a few times, but that he has “crossed lines” — though not the “ultimate” line — with numerous women. Although Sanford refused to comment on what he considers to be the definitive line, it’s probably safe to say he pulled a Monica Lewinsky with more than one of his ladies. (Huffington Post)

Michael Jackson2. The fallen King of Pop’s body will be taken to his Neverland Ranch at the end of the week. Michael Jackson‘s family has arranged a public viewing on Friday, and a private memorial service is set for Sunday. Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, Indiana has requested that the Jacksons bury Michael in his hometown, though no official arrangements have been made. Jackson’s 2002 will, which was just recently found, states that his estimated $1 billion property will go to his children, mother, and one or more charities. Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, reportedly won’t see a penny. (

Read about the latest, exclusive news about Michael Jackson’s death.

3. Do we blame the fashion industry, MTV reality shows, or the ‘Emo’ music craze? While anorexia used to only affect high school girls and mature women, it is currently wreaking havoc on the pre-teen population, affectionately referred to as ‘tweens.’ A study recently conducted by the National Eating Disorders Association discovered that 81 percent of 10-year-old females are terrified of becoming fat, causing many to turn to extreme forms of dieting.

Shae Walker, now 13, battled with anorexia at the age of 10 after quitting gymnastics, Early Show correspondent Terrell Brown reported today. Shae says that she began to have horrible thoughts about her weight once she was no longer working out for up to 16 hours a day. Her mother first noticed changes in her appearance about a month later, about the time Shae started to eat salad – and nothing else. She quickly went from 85 pounds to a mere 68, prompting her parents to check her into an eating disorders clinic, where she received food through a tube. During today’s Early Show, Elizabeth Shaw, executive editor of Parenting magazine, provided eating disorder red-flags for parents to watch for: Changes in behavior, quickly exiting the dinner table after meals to “take a shower,” excessive exercising, and a complete lack of interest in key food groups.

If we’ve learned anything from Shae’s story, it’s that mothers should make it a point to stand in front of the mirror every morning with their daughters and reaffirm how beautiful they are. (CBS News)

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter4. Move over Sanford and Ensign, Edwards is back in the sex scandal news, and new developments promise that his could become one of the biggest – and nastiest – political scandals in years. An insider, who flipped through the brutally honest book proposal written by Andrew Young, John Edwards’ former aide, claims that in the book Young details his discovery of a sex tape showing Hunter getting dirty with the former presidential candidate. You may remember Young as the loyal staffer who last year loyally claimed to be the father of Hunter’s child? Well, he’s taking that back, and, according to the inside source, says in the proposal that the little girl is instead Edwards’ daughter. Edwards denies it.

What’s more, the source alleges that Hunter discussed with Young the possibility of marrying Edwards if wife Elizabeth was to die. And, in case you needed one more reason to hate old John with a fiery passion, supposedly that little conversation Rielle had with Young involved mulling over what music she and Edwards would play at their wedding. We think Elizabeth should hold off on releasing her own tell-all memoir, this info belongs on the front page! (

5. Nothing like a music festival to bring people together! Prince Harry hit up the Hard Rock Calling gala in London this past weekend, where he chatted away with new pal Justin Timberlake. The handsome boys bonded over their shared love of The Killers, beer and burgers. We smell a long-distance bromance a-brewin! (New York Daily News)

Sonia Sotomayor6. On Monday the Supreme Court stunned Sonia Sotomayor backers by reversing an appeal that she had approved while working as an appeals court judge. White firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut, had sued their city for denying them promotions they felt they deserved, due to their race. Sotomayor joined an opinion against their claim, but the Supreme Court decided that the firefighters were in the right and scolded New Haven for its attempt to dodge a lawsuit from minorities by nixing a promotion exam that, if used, would have resulted in few promotions for minorities.

“Fear of litigation alone cannot justify an employer’s reliance on race to the detriment of individuals who passed the examinations and qualified for promotions,” Justice Anthony Kennedy declared in his opinion for the court after the 5-4 ruling.

We wonder how this ruling will affect the opinions of both Sotomayor’s supporters and her critics … (

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  1. I like John Edwards, despite all this. I think Andrew King is clearly desperate to keep his 15 minutes of fame alive and doesn’t care about throwing an old friend under the bus.

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