Tote Bag Road Test: Customizable ClaireaBella Totes

Stow your stuff in a handmade ClaireaBella creation!

Tote Bag Road Test: Customizable ClaireaBella Totes

Stow your stuff in a handmade ClaireaBella creation!

-Diana Denza

bella thorne claireballa tote bag

Need to find the perfect gift for the girl who has everything? ClaireaBella bags are your answer!

The raved-about UK handbag line has hit the states with handmade, hand painted creations. Crafted from India’s natural Jute fibers, these bags will make an earth-friendly style statement. They’ll hold everything from your beach reads to a full-size laptop (I put my sample tote to the test and it passed with flying colors).

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Best of all, each one is fully customizable. From the hair to the ensemble, you’ll have several options to choose from every step of the way. Then, enter up to 12 characters of text so your name can appear next to your caricature.

claire baratt and totes

I was especially impressed by designer Claire Barratt’s expert attention to detail. As anyone who ever took a junior high art class would know, eyes are one of the most difficult features to paint. Yet Barratt manages to fashion bright, beaming peepers with lengthy lashes. Paired with pouty pink lips, these gals are absolutely adorable.

clairebella tote

Each tote arrives complete with embellishments like bows, hearts, and a coating of glitter. Thanks to those resilient Jute fibers, your unique design will stay put even as you hit the beach or get caught in a downpour.

No wonder why the celebrities love them! Check out how Disney starlet Bella Thorne finished off her outfit with a very personalized accessory.

ClaireaBella bags can be purchased here. Prices range from $54.99 for the brand’s smallest size-–which happens to be perfect for the youngster in your life–and reaches $79.99 for a large tote. If you need one of these ASAP, order fast. They’re painstakingly designed by hand, so one order can take up to a month to process.

Are you ready to give yourself (and maybe even your BFFs!) a totally unique treat to remember?

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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