Train Wreck? Hot Mess? Who Cares! Academy Awards Gay Replay!

What gave Harvey gay chills, who needed better makeup, and James Franco's pink dress at the Oscars
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Train Wreck? Hot Mess? Who Cares! Academy Awards Gay Replay!

What gave Harvey gay chills, who needed better makeup, and James Franco’s pink dress.

-Harvey Helms

Jennifer Hudson 2011 Oscars

As your Cyber Main Gay, you know I’d never miss the Academy Awards! It’s truly a gay Holy day that keeps me glued to the TV. Long? Boring? Crazy? It doesn’t matter! Add two hours of Red Carpet fashion drama commentary prior to the broadcast and stir — you’ll have have one of the best wicked glamour cocktails ever! Every year there’s the “Who’s hosting” drama to make sure we tune in!  Who will give the craziest speech?  Participant or Presenter?  Who’s drunk?  Who feels shunned by theAcademy? Who will be arrested for DUI after the Governor’s Ball? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Harvey Helms

Hosting the Academy Awards must be  a daunting task. The Academy took a break this year from people who are funny for a living, like Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and Whoopi Goldberg. They opted for eye candy Anne Hathaway and yummy James Franco to attract a younger demographic. Both very talented actors indeed! How did they do?

The Hollywood Reporter said, “Was it a bad idea to have actors as hosts? NO. It was spectacularly bad. ” 


As a stylist I give them a 10 for image! Anne Hathaway was spectacular in all 12 gown changes during the telecast. Her best? Archival Vintage Red Valentino she wore on the arm of Valentino himself! I got gay chills!! James Franco looks good in anything he wears except for the “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” pink gown. Not his best color!  I admire their courage for taking it on!

Kirk Douglas Oscars

The craziest moment for me was Kirk Douglas presenting Best Supporting Actress. It was like  Grandpa’s keeper fell asleep, and he escaped to present at the Academy Awards.  At 94 he’s still gorgeous! What an actor! 

Best dressed men and presenters? Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr!  I love it when men don’t automatically go to the black tie uniform. They looked great in blue and their presentation was beyond genius! 

Loveliest moment? Staten Island PS22 chorus singing “Over the Rainbow.”  

Thanks Judy Garland for leaving us that legacy!

Best Dressed Women?

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