Vampire Veneers: The Trend That Keeps on Biting

Guys and gals have increasingly been spotted sporting Cullen-style fangs. You can thank Edward for this one.

Vampire Veneers: The Trend That Keeps on Biting

Guys and gals have increasingly been spotted sporting Cullen-style fangs. You can thank Edward for this one.

-Diana Denza

edward cullen

Ladies, we know that Edward Cullen is totally swoon-worthy! And yes, we’ve been guilty of admiring a certain Twilight-themed blow dryer (and maybe even purchasing it…oops).

As much as we understand the vampire obsession–after all, how could we resist incredibly sexy, intelligent, and sometimes sparkling men?!–we can’t help but think that transforming your canines into fangs a la the Cullen clan is a tad drastic.

But according to Dr. Gregg Lituchy, a cosmetic dentist whose clients have included Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen, and Naomi Campbell, it has been occurring more and more frequently since the vampire craze bit hard.

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“Movies like Twilight and shows like True Blood portray vampires as cool and rebellious,” Lituchy told us. “Increasingly, patients have been requesting that their canines be filed into points. While they don’t specifically cite the popularity of vampires as their reason, we’ve seen our requests triple over the last year or so.”

And for those who are interested in white and bright vampire veneers, Lituchy’s team can sculpt you a pair of fanged canines out of porcelain. For all those former English majors out there (raises hand), veneers are essentially a thin layer of material placed over and bonded to a damaged or discolored tooth with cement.

But don’t fear that your next visit to grandma’s will result in bites and bruises!

“Most of the people who are interested in either filing or vampire veneers are young,” Lituchy explained. “The greatest percentage is in their 20s or early 30s. We don’t typically receive these types of requests from people in their 60s and 70s.”

To go with that toothy new grin, your skin will turn pale–vampire style–when you pick up the hefty bill.

“Typical veneers tend to run anywhere from $2000-$2500 per tooth,” Lituchy said. “When we do veneers, the patient does not pay an extra fee on how they are shaped. Your smile shows about 6 to 10 teeth, and if you can’t afford to do top and bottom teeth, sometimes we will bleach the bottom teeth to help create a nicer smile.”

Pricey? Yes, but fang fanatics out there will be pleased to know that their cash will result in a sharp smile that lasts! Depending on how you well you take care of them, veneers can last anywhere from a few years to a few decades. If you go the filing route, your pointers will stay lethal permanently. It’s kind of like becoming an actual vampire: Edward can’t ever become un-undead.

Believe it or not, this superhuman change won’t result in a liquid diet. Dentists have reported that fangs designed by a specialist shouldn’t cause any unwelcome disturbances as you devour good ole human food.

So, if any of you decide to get a fangy makeover for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, we’d love to check ‘em out…but please stick to noshing on candy and not our necks!

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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