Verizon Is Testing My Patience

Why one woman is losing it over Verizon Wireless.

I’m Losing It

Verizon We’re Watching You!

Losing it over lost cell-phone reception

-Megan Southwick

woman on cell phoneMy cell phone provider is Verizon, and I have stayed loyal to them despite umpteen-zillion screwups by their customer service and billing department (including one instance in which they created two accounts for me without my knowledge and proceeded to bill me for both accounts). I think I’ve been remarkably patient with them, overall.

Normally, things aren’t too bad. I can talk in my car. I can talk at work. Fine, great.

Where I cannot talk is in my house.

My house!

Of ALL the places. Let me just say that I do not live in the middle of nowhere. I live in a suburb close to the city. My house is not shielded by a big lead umbrella or some other really high-tech force field. Everyone here has cell phones, and many of us use them as our primary phone (meaning, we don’t have landlines). And yet I can’t get reception in my house. I can’t even get it in my driveway.

The only place I can get reception?

On my bed, lying down, with my back against the wall and my head cocked a cool 120 degrees to the side.

Sweet. Keep up the good work, Verizon! My chiropractor thanks you!

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