What On Earth Is That Thing on Kate Winslet's Head?!

Kate Winslet, what is that thing on your head? Is it a... hat? Maybe, but we're not totally sure...

What On Earth Is That Thing on Kate Winslet’s Head?!

Kate Winslet, what is that thing on your head? Is it a… hat? Maybe, but we’re not totally sure…

-Lucia Peters

Kate Winslet

As a general rule, I love Kate Winslet. She’s enormously talented and seems like she’s a fabulous lady, and she’s pretty high on my list of celebs with whom I’d love to sit down and have lunch. She’s also usually impeccably dressed… but even the best dressed of us have off days on occasion, and today it looks like it’s Kate’s turn.

Kate recently attended the Longines Hong Kong Kong International Races, and as is the case with most horse races (see exhibit A: Mischa Barton), the hats and fascinators were out in full force. Kate’s ensemble consisted of lacy red dress by Stella McCartney, a pair of strappy gold Jimmy Choos (which, unfortunately, you can’t see here)… and that THING attached to her head. Guess who designed it? Yep: Philip Treacy. Surprised? Not so much.

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So what exactly is it, this strange, gold, vaguely rose-shaped thing? Is it a fascinator? I think it’s meant to be, but honestly, it looks more like it might be one of the following:

1. A brain-sucking alien hell bent on taking over the Earth one A-lister at a time.

2. A gigantic foil-wrapped chocolate.

3. The least subtle location EVER to put a hidden camera (maybe there was an elaborate sting operation going on?).

4. An escaped, sentient Christmas tree topper on the lam hoping its efforts to hide in plain sight are working.

5. An art project by one of her kids.

6. Golden gift wrap.

7. Holiday tinsel

8. A medieval torture device (although I’m really hoping it’s not one of these—ouch!).

What else do you think Kate Winslet’s hat might be? Tell us in the comments!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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