Which Hollywood Starlet Should Play 'Wonder Woman'?

Which brunette bombshell of Tinseltown should fill the heroine's shoes on the small screen?

Which Hollywood Starlet Should Play Wonder Woman?

Which brunette bombshell of Tinseltown should fill the heroine’s shoes on the small screen?

-Faye Brennan

Wonder Woman Envangeline Lilly

According to E! Online, Wonder Woman will be returning to the small screen thanks to the creator of Ally McBeal, David E. Kelley. You may have heard the comic book franchise would be turned into a movie, but director Joss Whedon’s plans for that (back in 2005) didn’t pan out.

So, now it’s Kelley’s turn to take a stab at WW, which we think could be pretty successful as a TV show, considering the 1970s series The New Adventures of Wonder Woman did well with Lynda Carter as the star. The only question is: who would play the sexy heroine now?

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We agree with E! Online that it would have to be a hot young starlet with the brunette locks and the kick-butt attitude of Wonder Woman herself. The site created a poll of potential actresses, and so far Evangeline Lilly is in the lead, followed by Megan Fox and Ashley Greene. To see the other choices, click here.

Who do you think would be perfect for Wonder Woman? Are you excited the franchise is being resurrected, or is this a comic book storyline that should be left in the past? (E! Online)

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Which Hollywood Starlet Should Play 'Wonder Woman'?

  1. weetziebat says:

    Gina Gershon! Although she’s probably a little old. I hope David E. Kelley, with his habit of making professional women into sniveling wimps, doesn’t take any of the oomph out of Wonder Woman.

  2. nycblonde says:

    I think Ashley Greene would rock it. Please for the love of god, pray they don’t pick Angelina Jolie.

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