Why Didn't Eva Longoria's Friends Speak Up?

Eva Longoria's friends are saying they knew her marriage wouldn't last with Tony Parker. Why didn't they say something?

Why Didn’t Eva Longoria’s Friends Speak Up?

Her friends are saying they knew her marriage wouldn’t last with Tony Parker. Why didn’t they say something?

-Faye Brennan

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

It bothers me when “friends” of a couple come out after the divorce announcement to say “I knew this would happen.” Oh really? And you decided to keep that to yourself until after the fact? What a great friend you are!

Eva Longoria’s “friends” are doing just this, telling Popeater’s Rob Schuter that they knew her marriage with Tony Parker wouldn’t last, and are surprised it even lasted 3 years.

“Neither one of them wanted to get married for the right reasons in the first place,” says one of Schuter’s sources, who reportedly attended the extravagant Longoria-Parker nuptials in 2007. “After seeing all the attention Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding had received she wanted the same. And Tony just happened to be the right man in the right place at the right time,” the source says.

Another wedding guest and “friend” tells Schuter of their wedding, “Tony spent most of the day listening to music on his iPod when not being pushed into pictures, while Eva spent the entire evening hanging with her friends and dancing. Tony seemed confused by the circus Eva had assembled.”

And a third loyal friend chimed in, “[Eva] has been going home to an empty house for way too long. Finally the charade is over and we can all stop pretending.”

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You mean, stop pretending to be a good friend to Eva, or stop pretending you hoped this day would come so you could be quoted on a gossip site?

If these sources are really Eva’s friends and their claims are really true, they should’ve tried to talk Eva out of getting married for the wrong reasons a long time ago. It’s hard to be that brutally honest with a friend and tell them something they won’t want to hear, but who else will open their eyes to the fact that they may be making a huge mistake?

As Eva’s friends, it was their obligation to warn her about marrying Tony. But instead, they pretended to be happy for the couple, and probably put on the cheesiest grins on their wedding day and for the next three years that Eva and Tony were together.

Now that their marriage has failed, Eva’s friends have the balls to say, “I told you so”? Please! If that was me, and I found out everyone knew my marriage was a sham since the day I said, “I do,” I would be so angry and hurt. Why didn’t my friends say something? They could’ve been the voice of reason, opening my eyes to something that I couldn’t see or didn’t want to admit before it was too late. But instead, they were too cowardly to come forward.

I hope Eva finds out which of her “friends” spoke with Rob Schuter and unfriends them immediately — they clearly aren’t the kind of people who will be honest with her or have her best interests in mind.

Tell us: if you knew your friend was marrying someone for the wrong reasons, would you speak up, or would you just wait it out until you could say, “I told you so”?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Why Didn't Eva Longoria's Friends Speak Up?

  1. I totally agree with this article and feel that a true friend would have voiced her concerns, no matter the consequences. I feel bad for both Eva and Tony and wish them the best.

  2. I think the obvious reason that they didn’t say something is because the most likely response out of Eva would have been “you’re just jealous!”…how do you tell a friend that you don’t they are marrying someone for the right reasons and that even though they are a star, they shouldn’t want bright lights and a circus for their wedding. Doesn’t make sense, and it happens everyday. Telling a friend they look fat in jeans is different than telling a friend “i don’t think this marriage is right for you.” Most likely, they won’t listen.

  3. Yeah, maybe they didn’t want to lose her friendship. Recently lost one of my best girlfriends for telling her something she didn’t want to hear (that her guy was sleeping with someone else). They stayed together (for awhile), she doesn’t talk to me anymore and they are no longer together. Sad, but true….

  4. Maybe Eva’s friends wanted to give the relationship the benefit of the doubt, or maybe they wanted to attend an extravagant, fairy-tale wedding in France. I wonder how well her family knew Parker.

    There’s premarital counseling if you want an assessment of your relationship.

  5. I tried to talk to a friend who was making a mistake getting married. It lost me a friend, and even after they split it didn’t make a difference. Our friendship was gone. I would hesitate to do it again. Who says that maybe things could work and everyone could be wrong.

  6. I don’t see why the friends are really being held at fault when one of the sources says that Eva wanted to get married for the wrong reasons. How are you supposed to talk anyone out of something that was a sham in the first place? I remember her saying something about how her grandma was old school and not really into interracial dating and how she only told her grandma that he was french, not black. So you can see how forthcoming she was about her relationship.

    And anyone who has tried to warn a friend that maybe a relationship won’t work out knows exactly how that ends. Not good for you at all.

  7. It’s a fine line and more than likely she would NOT have listened. However I think it is really crappy to come out afterwards and say they knew it was a sham. Do what you did in the first place, shut up and MYOB!

  8. You’re absolutely wrong. Eva Longoria wasn’t going to be “told” by her friends who to marry. Eva Longoria was going to be married, whether Tony liked it or not. It is NOT your friends place to tell you how to live you life unless they ask. A good friend supports their friend, even if it is a charade, and when it all comes crumbling down, they should be there to help. But NO ONE can tell someone how to live their life. Do you really think that she would have listened?!?!? Heck no!!

  9. littlequeenie29, I agree. What makes them a bad friend is that they aren’t still keeping their mouths shut. The best you can do for a friend in that situation is ask them questions, i.e. “are you absolutely sure,” or “I’ll support you no matter what, but really think carefully about this.” After doing that for a friend, I waited 15 years for the marriage to unravel, which happened just like I thought it would. Some people really just need to experience their own mistakes.

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