Why Has Khloe Kardashian Been Digitally Shrunk?

Khloe Kardashian got hit with a shrink ray in this ad for the Kardashian Kollection for Sears.

Why Has Khloe Kardashian Been Digitally Shrunk?

Either Khloe got hit with a shrink ray, or someone went overboard on the Photoshopping, because she looks much shorter than she should in this ad for the Kardashian Kollection for Sears.

-Lucia Peters

Kardashian Kollection

Annie Leibovitz is supercool. Over the years, she’s taken a whole lot of photographs that have become truly iconic. So why the hell is she the one photographing the Kardashian Kollection for Sears? Anyone that cool should not be photographing a) the Kardashians, b) anything that replaces the letter “c” with a “k,” or c) a collection (kollection?) for Sears, of all places. But say we overlook the fact that this important photographer is shooting something so inane. The REAL question then becomes: Why the hell did she shrink Khloe down to the size of Kim and Kourtney?

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Here’s the thing: Khloe is 5’10”. Kim and Kourtney are 5’2” and 5’3”. I realize that this is an awkward height discrepancy. But is Photoshopping a proudly tall woman down to the size of the diminutive ones really the way to go? (I say this, by the way, as someone who is also diminutive.) Because that seems weird. More importantly, though, it sends out some incredibly unhealthy messages about body image—namely, that women are not allowed to be 5’10”. It’s likely that Sears had something to do with the decision to downsize Khloe, but still. Bad move. It’s also kind of an offensive move, and it doesn’t really makes me want to go out and purchase the Kardashian Kollection.

Tell us: Does Khloe being cut down to size bother you?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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0 thoughts on “Why Has Khloe Kardashian Been Digitally Shrunk?

  1. They didn’t just photoshop Khloe’s height… check out Kim’s face! They definitely chopped her head off from another photo and pasted it into this one – the lighting is completely different compared to Khloe & Kourtney’s faces. #PhotoshopFail

  2. Looks like they just put Kim and Kourtney on a box that is hidden out of view so that they were all the same height. They actually made Kim the tallest one in the photo thanks to some puffed up hair–guess they wanted her to be the focus. And what’s up with Kourtney’s weird arm pose that is hovering over Khloe’s stomach? So odd…

  3. Very wierd!! I agree with judes….why is Kourtney’s hand on Khloe’s stomach, is she pregnant?? But all of this aside…..I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything these girls put out. The lingerie above is trashy, at best. But out of the three, I’ll take Khloe anyday!!

  4. The first thing I thought before reading the story was that the picture was a promo for their reality show. I’ll never understand why these girls wore sexy barely there lingerie to promote the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Exactly what were they conveying their “reality” show was all about??? Kim, no one will forget your sex tape if you promote your “reality” show wearing barely there lingerie.

  5. If the girl on the left had put her hand on her hip lets say, then the one in the middle would have looked like she had wings. If the one on the left lets her arm dangle she covers her nice lower body curves…so I bet thats why she is holding her sisters tummy.

  6. Hayley_k….. i agree with you… “Since most models are 5′ 10″, it’s more likely they wanted the other two to look taller. ” Maybe Kim & Kourtney are stepping on a stool or something….

  7. It’s not so much that Khloe has even been shrunk (which clearly she has been) but that Kim’s image is scaled larger than the other two. Someone above mentioned that it doesn’t look like her head is from this image, I agree. But, I also think the scale is incredibly off compared to the other two girls. Clearly she is supposed to be the focus even though she is off to the right. Poor Khloe is practically covered up and shrunk to nothing by the placement & photoshop efforts. Dirty Pool Sears — Dirty Pool.

    PS — I bet $100 Annie didn’t have a thing to do with this crap. She wouldn’t manipulate her images to this extend. The REASON she’s doing the shoot – money. The poor women has filed for bankruptcy and lost her partner to cancer in the last 3 years. Mama needs some cash for her family).
    – Carrie

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