Would You Buy Your 8-Year-Old Gap's Sequined Short-Shorts?

Is Gap turning "Jersey Shore” -- or are some moms overreacting?

Would You Buy Your 8-Year-Old Gap’s Sequined Short-Shorts?

Is Gap turning “Jersey Shore” — or are some moms overreacting?

-April Daniels Hussar

Gap Kids sequined party shorts

UPDATE: See the end of this post for how Gap styles these shorts!

A post from a mom friend caught my eye this morning in my Facebook feed. “After reading the reviews of these sequined short shorts being sold by GAP for young girls, I can see I’m not alone in my initial reaction to them,” she wrote. “The lady with the Jersey Shore comment is spot on.”

Intriguing, non? GAP Kids is usually my go-to place when getting basics for my daughter; I find them to be affordable, super cute, and never trashy. It would be hard to dress your daughter as a mini stripper at GAP Kids, which, alas, cannot be said for many other options (high and low-end alike). My curiosity piqued, I clicked on the link.

And lo! There they were! Tiny little sequined “party shorts!”

And true enough, the first review under the listing was titled “Booty Shorts.” A reviewer called “Jean Lover 1290961” wrote a scathing, “Who is the Gap designing for these days. Cast of Jersey Shore???? Totally inappropriate for young girls. Shame on you!”

“momtogirls” agrees in a review titled “Good God!” She wrote, “Please tell me this is a joke. Sequined booty-shorts for a little girl?! Have you people lost your mind?”

The third reviewer, “stylish mother” takes a different view: “I love these!!!! They are super cute and look great with tights and a sweater. My daughter is 9 and they look adorable on her :)”


What say you?

I am normally one to decry even slightly sexualized clothes for little girls. And these shorts are awfully … short and .. sequiny. It is not impossible to imagine them atop a pair of go-go boots and a much older pair of legs.

On the other hand, I agree that they are, indeed, super cute. I think this is a case where it really depends on your kid, how they fit on her, and what you dress her in along with the shorts. Paired with opaque black tights, a blouse or sweater, and flat black boots, I do think they’d probably make a really fun holiday outfit.

What do you think? Is GAP remiss in marketing these “booty” shorts to young girls?

UPDATE: My friend, mentioned above, pointed me to this link where you can see how GAP styles these shorts. With bare legs. Wow. They do look really short here, no?

Gap Kids sequined party shorts outfit

My daughter just popped over my shoulder and said, “Oooh! Cute outfit!”

And I’m thinking to myself — you’d wear that out of the house over my dead body, missy.

Unless, of course, we add a pair of thick black tights?

April Daniels Hussar is BettyConfidential’s Executive Editor, and resident over-protective momzilla.

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4 thoughts on “Would You Buy Your 8-Year-Old Gap's Sequined Short-Shorts?

  1. My 13 yr old has a pair very similar to these. People need to page back in history and look at the shorts we were wearing in the 70’s. Worn with a cute t-shirt or even under a skirt, these shorts really aren’t that bad.
    Would i buy them for my 11 year old. Yep, because that’s what kids are wearing these days!

  2. I agree.. They aren’t bad and it depends on how they are worn, how much booty she has (lol) and things like that. An older female can wear them with stilettos and it may look stripper like but on a little girl they are cute and stylish and the way they put the outfit together is nice. My daughter would love them but she would definetely have to wear tights

  3. 1) Floppy tights don’t photograph well sans legs, so its up to the common sense of the parents (gasp) to select kids clothing and style them appropriately.

    2) When I was a kid I’d run around in a sequined dance leotard and it was a-ok. I was 8. There is nothing sexy about being 8.

  4. Generally everyone's thinking that little girl should not be dressed like this short but if it's depends on culture and atmosphere some girls are crazy to wear like these types of shots. So, it's depends on the environment but this sort are so pretty and awesome so everyone wants to wear at least one time..!!

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