Would You Try a Vampire Facelift?

What would you do for younger looking skin?

Would You Try a Vampire Facelift?

What would you do for younger looking skin?

-Kylie Peterson, NewYorkGirlStyle.com


Thanks to a recent breakthrough in technology, you no longer have to be a vampire from Twilight to have eternally youthful looking skin. Dr. Jack Berdy from SmoothMED has used this modern procedure, called the vampire facelift, on many satisfied patients.

The process, which takes less than 30 minutes, begins by drawing a vial of blood from the patient’s arm. Then, the plasma is separated from the blood. Inside the watery plasma are platelets, which hold protein and growth factors said to renew collagen and promote tissue regeneration. During the vampire facelift, SmoothMED professional Dr. Berdy takes this watery liquid, called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and injects it into the patient’s fine lines and wrinkles. The end result is softened lines and a healthy, dewy glow said to last a year or more.

Although the effects are not immediate, as with traditional fillers like Restylane and Botox, recipients of the vampire facelift see long lasting, natural results. As early as three weeks after the procedure results can been seen, and by seven weeks the filling will be complete. Furthermore, this process is more ‘organic’ than other fillers. Since it is your own blood being used, there is no risk of allergic reactions.

One of Dr. Berdy’s patients boasted his satisfaction with vampire facelifts to the NY Post. “I am in sales and have to appear alert, but I was getting circles under my eyes,” recalled the man. “I had injections in my forehead, eyes, cheeks and mouth. Now my friends call me Benjamin Button.”

 Tell us: would you rejuvenate your look with a vampire facelift?

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