Would You Wear Pink Hair like Amanda Bynes, Willow Smith and Chris Benz?

The latest celeb trend is cotton candy pink hair. If you're a fan of the shade, we've got the deets on how to make it yours.

Would You Wear Pink Hair like Amanda Bynes, Willow Smith and Chris Benz?

The latest celeb trend is cotton candy pink hair. If you’re a fan of the shade, we’ve got the deets on how to make it yours.

-PJ Gach

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We’re used to seeing celebs wearing candy-colored hair (we’re talking to you Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry). But the newest celeb trend is pink hair. Shades from very pale to neon pink and every shade in-between have been seen on Willow Smith, Amanda Bynes (is she the only celeb who looks good in a mug shot?), Brooklyn Decker, Chloe Moretz, designer Chris Benz, Mad Men’s January Jones, Ashley Benson…well the list goes on and on.

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We asked Janine Jarman, celebrity stylist and owner of Hollywood’s Hairroin Salon why this trend is so hot right now. Janine said, “I’m of the opinion that the pink trend is this palatable rebellion. Pink is a soft feminine color, so if you’re going to go a little punk rock with your hair, pink is the safest choice. In addition, pink also complements almost all skin types!”

You do have to admit that there’s something ineffably cute about pink hair. It kinda reminds you of My Pink Pony, right? However, before you rush out and do it yourself keep this in mind, according to Janine; this is one color not to do at home. She warns, “Get it done at the salon only! Although it looks effortless, I assure you that it needs to be pre-bleached often in order for the pink to be visible and vibrant. It’s also very messy, and you can end up with a botched DIY job at home.”

Which makes you wonder, are the celebs going in after hours to get it done, are hairstylists going to their houses to do it or what? I mean, is there a secret hair color club in Hollywood? If you are contemplating going pink, you could do a few streaks like January Jones, or do dip-dye, like I did. If you opt for dip-dye, the color eventually fades and gets cut off when you get a trim. Janine advises, “Pick a shade that complements your skin tone.”

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Pink like blonde or red is a shade that you more or less “marry.” Once you’re committed to the color, to keep the shade the exact shade you want it, you’re going to have maintain it.Which means work ie harir appointments as it can fade quickly. Janine states, “It is a vegetable tint (most of the time) and has lots of peroxide in it, so it’s definitely a temporary color. Wash hair with cold water, and have your hair stylist add some of the color to a conditioner so you can freshen it up at home. Also try to skip hair wash days so the color lasts, and cover your hair up when out in the sun.”

If you don’t like the idea of all that work involved in getting the color of your dreams, you can also try extensions or hair color that you spray on and wash out.

Celebrity trends unlike most fashion and beauty trends have a tendency to, pardon the pun, fade quickly. Once everyone jumps on the trend, celebrities are on to something else. What can you do to be ahead and not behind the pack? Since Janine has worked on many celebrities in Hollywood including Christina Applegate, Britney Spears, Cyndi Lauper and Carmen Electra, so she knows how long a trend will last. We wanted to know if we’ll see lots of pink heads this summer. Her forecast is this,” I think this summer we’ll see more dip-dyed ends and faded versions of the pink trend. Punk hair color is a lot of work and such a statement that it often loses steam quite fast, but always resurfaces.”

So there you go! If you’ve been fantasizing about going pink, go streaks, go dip-dye, go pale! You’ll be ahead of the beauty curve and the celebs will, instead try to catch up with you!

Tell us: Will you try a new hair color this spring or summer?

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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4 thoughts on “Would You Wear Pink Hair like Amanda Bynes, Willow Smith and Chris Benz?

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  2. I actually have wanted this trend to come around for years! So the moment I saw pastel colored hair(that was tastefully done)I jumped at the chance to have my cotton candy pink hair..i did do my own (but I am a hairstylist and always do my own hair color highlights cuts etc). It was so fun to have for a couple months. I was surprised at how many compliments I received. I am talking grandmas to 5yr olds&every where in between..even people who are very conservative including my own mother to my surprise gushed over it! The key (in my humble opinion) when adding pink (or any “punky” color) is to make it so when people first look at u they do a double take, as in, first glance their thought is (cute hair) they stop, think, &then whip around and say “wait do you have….U have PINK in your hair! I love it …I wish I was brave enough to do that”. I cant tell u how many times this exact thing happened to me in those two month. Im all for bold in ur face pink and colored hair as well I just personally feel that should be for teens and early (i mean very early) 20s unless it is just a pop of color here and there. And i am not afraid to say i am past that window of opportunity. Again this is just my opinion for what looks appropriate and attractive to me. As for chalking color into ur hair for the night or just for fun..I say EVERYONE should do it just once! So what does this LONG comment actually mean…I ADORE COTTON CANDY PINK HAIR!

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